2009-10-12 « Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Date: October 12, 2009
Venue: MTS Centre
Location: Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Authored by: Krzych
Chapters: Yes
Menus: Yes
Number of camera angles: 1
Number of audio selections: 1

Media: 1 DVD
Version: metalexa/Krzych
Filming type: Audience
Generation: Master
Video format: NTSC
Aspect ratio: 4:3

Track listing:

That Was Just Your Life (Missing)
The End Of The Line (Missing)
For Whom The Bell Tolls (Missing)
The Memory Remains (Missing)
One [solo only]
Broken, Beat And Scarred (Missing)
Cyanide (Missing)
Sad But True (Missing)
The Unforgiven (Missing)
All Nightmare Long (Missing)
Kirk Solo#1
The Day That Never Comes (Missing)
Master Of Puppets (Cut)
Damage, Inc.(Missing)
Nothing Else Matters (Cut)
Enter Sandman (Missing)
Helpless (Missing)
Whiplash (Missing)
Seek and Destroy (Missing)